miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2011

When I do not see you

I like to think of you when I do not see you.
That's where hope is reborn and my mind evoke a transparent memory of you , free of mortal imperfections. That's where I magnify all good things  that my heart perceives from you.
 It's the magic of the absence,  what makes me feel you closer ever.
When I do not see you, my thoughts draw your volatile smiles, over and over again.
 And they are so scarse, and short,  those moments when you are close to me, that I've saved them in a place of my heart, to conjure them up, revive and enjoy them;
it's right there, when I do not see you,  when I enjoy most of your absence, framing it in a frame, out of the way from  the nostalgia and the "times" of the time and the space.
 When I do not see you, physics laws and all sciences lose their reason of being: that’s where my soul is connected to your essence, which is independent from your soul, your body ...
 All this happens in a fleeting instant, unspoken, delirious, captivating, glorious, insane ... All this happens when I do not see you.

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