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The story of a teacher who went to hell because of a mistake.

A teacher died then he went to the Heaven's door.
It's well known that teachers usually get in heaven because of their being and well doing...
Saint Peter looked at his files, but since he was a bit unorganized, he did not find him so he told him 'I'm sorry, but you aren't in the list'
Then the teacher went out to the Hell's door, where he was quickly received and hosted.
Some time after, the teacher got tired of living the Hell's miseries, so he started to desing a plan in order to get better conditions. He created an Annual Work Plan, PTA, Counseling, Scholar commite of social volunteering...then go work!
Into a few months, they already got so many certifications in several areas:
Smook Free Hell, conditioning air, automatic toilletes, cyber center, electric stairs, lecture group, all type of scholarships, holidays...etc, etc.
So the teacher became the best adquisition of Hell within thousands of years...
One day, Saint Peter called to the Devil by telephone, and with a suspicious tone of voice asked him:
- How is everything going down there?
- Everything is alright!... We are certificated as Smook Free, conditioning air, automatic toilletes via infrared, electric stairs, WiFi, schoolarships, festivals and holidays...I was even paid arrears!!
Take a note of my email address: thehappydevil@hell.com... feel free to ask me anything...

So, Saint Peter asked:
- Do you have any teacher there?
Then, Saint Peter said: that's a BIG MISTAKE... He never had to get on there... send him back asap.
- Nope. I'm not going to do that ever.
- Send him back or I'm gonna DEMMAND YOU!!
So the Devil, with a dark look because of the long laughing said:
- Oh, yeah?... so, just for curiousity:
 Where are you gonna find an ATTORNEY??... since ALL OF THEM ARE HERE!!...HAHA

moral of a fable: Teachers are a blessing, since they don't change the world, but improve it. They do a great job while dealing with the people's learning process...

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